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OCT 13, 2023 | FACE LIFT

Double Chin in Men: Hacks for a Refined Jawline

A sharp and well-defined jawline is a common goal for many men who want to appear more masculine. However not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a naturally defined movie star jawline, but at CADMEN Clinic we can help you achieve your jawline goals. Additionally, we will be outlining some causes for the stubborn double chin, which is often the only thing standing between men and a sharply defined jawline.

Main Causes of Double Chin in Men

Simply put, a double chin or submental fat is a common condition occurring when excessive fat is stored below your chin. Oftentimes, a double chin is associated with weight gain; however, it is not always the case. People with a naturally slimmer disposition may still develop visible under-chin fat pockets because of other factors such as genetics. Bone structure can also play a role in the appearance of the chin as some men have less defined jawlines naturally. Additionally, the loss of skin elasticity due to factors such as aging, UV exposure, and smoking can lead to sagging of the skin under the jaw, creating the appearance of a double chin.

CADMEN Clinic’s client having chin fat melting that helps define his jawline

Top Solutions to Reduce Double Chin

A common cause of double chin can include having an elevated body fat level. Due to this, overall weight loss may help with a reduction in the size and appearance of a double chin. However, you cannot spot treat fat loss naturally, and that is where solutions such as fat melting come in, to specifically target and reduce stubborn fat under the chin. CADMEN Clinic offers different fat-melting treatments that target the most stubborn areas to lose fat on men including under chin and belly fat reduction. Click HERE to learn more about our fat-melting treatments.

Belkyra Fat Melting to Fix Double Chin

Here at CADMEN Clinic, we offer a variety of different fat reduction options, including under chin and belly fat melting services. While there are many distinct types of fat reduction procedures available, we use Belkyra to achieve the most optimal results for our clients. For more information, click HERE.

What is Belkrya?

Belkyra is a fat-melting injectable treatment that is performed on adults to reduce the appearance of the fat pocket below the chin, sometimes referred to as the double chin. Deoxycholic acid, which is the main ingredient used in Belkyra, is a molecule that naturally occurs within the body and can be used to support both the absorption and breakdown of dietary fat. It can be used to effectively improve the jawline and profile of men dealing with stubborn under-chin fat deposits, and it is available at CADMEN Clinic.

How Does Belkyra Work?

When Belkyra is injected into the fat it destroys the cells which reduce the visible fullness in the chin. Once the fat cells have been destroyed, they will not be able to accumulate or store fat leaving you with your desired result once all treatments are complete.

A trained nurse will first draw a matrix with washable ink under the patient’s chin to map out the desired areas to be targeted in the treatment. They will then go along grid by grid, as needed, to inject the fat melting solution in the appropriate areas. There will need to be several injections done underneath the chin during each treatment session to distribute the solution properly. The process takes between 15 to 20 minutes to complete and once the solution is injected where desired, it gets to work melting away your stubborn fat deposits. It is advised to receive three sessions, each session spaced out one month apart. Additionally, a healthy diet and proper exercise, including hydration, will aid in the speed of the results.

Want to learn more about our chin and belly fat melting treatments? You can give us a call at 416.843.0723, send us an email at, or book a free virtual consultation with us by CLICKING HERE.

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