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Top 4 Most Effective Ways to Slim Down for Summer

OCT 13, 2023 | FAT MELTING

The summer season is fast approaching, and many people are scrambling to get in shape for the sunshine, especially after a long frigid winter. Many are already struggling with trying to get fit after COVID lockdowns, which can make the regular rush to shape up for summer even more stressful this year.



What are the Best Ways to Fight Wrinkles?


Graying hair, thinning hair, and wrinkles are often signs of aging in men, however, hair can thin in your 20s and wrinkles can begin to develop at that age as well. This can make young men appear older than they actually are, things like stress can increase the rate at which signs of aging are visible.


Your Go-To Guide For Everything Hair Loss

OCT 13, 2023 | HAIR LOSS

Do you want to know a frightening coincidence? It is estimated that up to 30% of men face hair thinning in their thirties, and 20% deal with it as early as their twenties. If hair loss among men, including young men, is common why does it feel so difficult to talk about with others?


Double Chin in Men: Hacks for a Refined Jawline

OCT 13, 2023 | FACE LIFT

A sharp and well-defined jawline is a common goal for many men who want to appear more masculine. However not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a naturally defined movie star jawline, but at CADMEN Clinic we can help you achieve your jawline goals.



Male Pattern Baldness 101

OCT 13, 2023 | HAIR LOSS

Male pattern baldness is a word that you may hear thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Well, the truth is that male pattern baldness is very common and not something to feel any type of shame or awkwardness about.


Common Men’s Health Issues and How to Treat Them


There are a lot of problems that men may face as they age from erectile dysfunction, to premature ejaculation, decrease in libido, hair loss, muscle loss, fatigue, weight gain, depression and wrinkles. These problems can begin in your 30s and can occur as a result of a lack of testosterone, which is the hormone attributed with masculinity.


Advanced Anti-Aging Soloutions: PRP and Microneedling

AUG 23, 2023 | HAIR LOSS

Aging is one of the only unavoidable parts of being alive, despite the fact that being able to grow old is a blessing, many people do not like to display the physical signs of aging as it can lead to lower confidence levels and others making unfair assumptions or conclusions based on appearance.


Sun Protection For Spring

AUG 23, 2023 | SKINCARE

With warmer weather and sunny days ahead fast approaching in Canada it is the time to re-evaluate your SPF needs and consider investing in a high quality sunscreen that will not only protect your skin, but nourish it at the same time.


Top Tips For Men's Health

OCT 13, 2023 | MEN'S HEALTH

Well it might seem taboo or like an uncomfortable conversation to have about men's health is an important topic to discuss and it affects millions of men around the world every year.