AUG 24, 2023 | HAIR LOSS

Hair Loss in Men: Grow Hair Naturally and Affordably up to 80% with PRP

In recent years, PRP has become one of the most searched hair loss therapies on the internet, thanks to its convenience, affordability, and natural healing ability. But what is PRP? How does it work, and is it really as effective as described? Let’s take 5 minutes to check out these key points that you should know about this fantastic treatment.

What is PRP

PRP, standing for Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a medical treatment that uses nothing but a person’s own blood to promote their healing process. There are 3 steps involved in the treatment, including:

  • A nurse will collect a small amount of blood (into a special PRP tube)
  • The tube is placed into a centrifuge machine that spins. (During this process, the blood will separate into 3 distinctive layers. One of the layers will be PRP)
  • PRP is injected into the hair loss areas or other injured areas, such as the face or injured tendons, ligaments, and muscles of other injured parts.
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