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AUG 23, 2023 | SKINCARE

Micro-Needling For Men: The Best Procedure You Didn’t Knew Existed

PRP and Micro-needling Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

PRP, also known as, Platelet Rich Plasma, is a very effective hair growth treatment for men dealing with early-stage hair loss and hair thinning, but it is also a great treatment for the face as well. Micro-needling is an effective facial treatment that is used to treat a number of skin concerns as you will learn more about below, and it is also a little-known hair growth treatment that has been shown to help with some hair re-growth in early hair loss and thinning. PRP paired with Microneedling can be applied on the face to help you rejuvenate your skin naturally and effectively. There is no need to inject any foreign substances into your face to experience the benefits of these procedures. CADMEN Clinic offers the PRP facial treatment and microneedling facial treatment at a reasonable rate of  CAD $1,650 for 3 sessions or CAD $550 per session.

PRP for the Face

As it turns out the effectiveness of PRP does not stop at the hairline, but its powers transcend onto the face and can be used to treat numerous skin concerns. Using PRP has been scientifically proven to assist in treating numerous skin conditions such as dryness, acne, oiliness, and acne scarring. PRP is safe and effective, having only positive side effects if performed properly, like by a professional registered nurse at CADMEN Clinic. After receiving this treatment patients often describe feeling more confident and more attractive due to the healing, perfecting and clarifying effects like healthier skin. At this point, you may be wondering how this treatment works? Well, the answer is both simple and quite complex, simply put: state of the art technology is used to separate plasma from your own blood, then the plasma is then injected into the area of treatment. As plasma is the base of blood, when injected locally, the area begins to grow new and healthy cells, much like when stem cells are introduced in other medical treatments. Contrary to stem cell therapy PRP does not require difficult or painful cell extraction, just a simple blood sample, additionally PRP has no associated risks, unlike stem cell therapy. PRP is completely all-natural, ethical, vegan and free from any chemicals, by using the patient's own blood it allows for completely sterile and risk-free treatment allowing you to just focus on feeling your best and not need to stress about any kind of side effects or risks associated. You can learn more about PRP at CADMEN Clinic here.


Much like PRP micro-needling also uses state-of-the-art technology to make you feel better and look younger. Unlike PRP, micro-needling does not require the extraction of blood or plasma from the body or any type of injection. Micro-needling is instead the application of a multitude of extremely fine needles strategically into the face to increase the natural production of collagen and elastin in the affected areas.  Micro-needling has similar benefits to PRP such as shrinking pores, reducing discoloration, and repairing damaged skin. Conversely, PRP micro-needling works on a different scientific basis, instead of being injected with their own plasma to stimulate the growth of new cells, patients' skin is stimulated by microscopic needles to make a tiny puncture in the skin which causes collagen to be produced. As one begins to age the production of collagen naturally slows and even stops by the young age of 25, so anyone over that age can benefit from these collagen-stimulating treatments. Collagen is the protein responsible for both skin and hair growth and strength, this decreased production is responsible for the most visible signs of aging in one’s hair and skin. With micro-needling regardless of the patient's age, collagen is produced in the local area, effectively making the treated area younger and healthier compared to before. It stimulates the healing process in the cells which is why it is also good for those dealing with hyperpigmentation or “ice-pick” acne picks.


There are a number of benefits to using PRP or Micro-needling treatments on the face from texture and tone to fighting signs of aging and the after marks of acne or too much sun. The list of benefits can go on and on but we will share some specific ones here. They include repairing past damage to the skin and restoring lost volume through the promotion of natural skin healing. It reduces the appearance of dark spots and helps to brighten the skin for those dealing with post-acne marks, and it smoothes wrinkles as well as fine lines caused by aging. It can be used to minimize scarring, promote new skin cell growth and shrink pores on the face, such as large pores on the nose. Youthfulness can help be restored to the skin through these procedures, improving both the tone and texture of the skin too. To name a final couple of benefits, these treatments can help reduce inflammation in the face as well as heal acne and lessen the resulting associated scarring that can come from it.

To learn more about PRP and Micro-needling treatments for the face, book a free consultation here.

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