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Top Three Reasons COVID Has Led to Hair Loss

COVID has resulted in lonesome quarantines, broken relationships, and an influx of increased mental health issues; but can hair loss join the list of tragedies caused by the virus? According to Google Trends, in the past couple of months, the number of web searches for hair loss solutions has steadily increased 150%, the unanswered question; has COVID increased hair loss?

By 2020 most Canadians had spent most of their year in quarantine, and many men had reported that their hair was noticeably thinner. When asked about the influx of balding complaints, the head barber at CADMEN Barbershop, Francis Paua stated, “It’s honestly a shame, I feel like most men are self-conscious about their hair now,” the spread of COVID has created a new wave of men battling hair insecurities.

Quarantine As A Trigger For Hair Loss

Quarantine was claimed to be a catalyst in the hair loss uprise, and there is in fact truth to it! The periods of isolation many people faced have led more men to experience hair thinning, but why is that? The answer is simple, an increase in stress levels and the hormones and chemicals produced in the body that are associated with stress often lead to an increase in hair loss. Although hair loss can be spiked by many other things, stress happens to be a leading factor in hair loss and hair thinning for men.

Fortunately, hair loss triggered by stress is temporary and can be treated effectively. With proper care including a well-balanced diet, proper vitamin intake, and the use of treatment products for hair growth, it can be treated. There are also medical procedures that are available when necessary, such as the PRP Hair Loss Solution at CADMEN Clinic, which can also be helpful when it comes to supporting hair growth after stress.

As a result of stress premature balding occurs.

Hair Loss As A Side Effect of COVID

It may come off as a shock to most but one side effect of COVID is hair loss! Though believed to be a myth, there are actual medical side effects of the virus and one of them is hair loss. Acute telogen effluvium is a type of hair shedding that occurs after a stressful event or illness. COVID has been a common cause of acute telogen effluvium leading many people to experience patterned hair loss.

However, hair loss after an illness is completely normal. Having acute telogen effluvium does not mean that everyone who falls ill with the virus will lose all their hair, it simply causes hair thinning and shedding. Most of the time the lost hair grows back within six months, and treatments such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can support the hair growth during this process.

Hair shedding occurs when someone has acute telogen effluvium.

Hair Loss Can Be Hereditary!

A hereditary factor that can cause balding in both men and women is known as androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss is genetics-based and is often triggered with age, but it can be treated with therapies such as PRP.  Added factors may hasten baldness however without the aid of cosmetic procedures it is mostly inevitable for people who carry the trait to suffer from some form of balding or hair thinning.

There is no effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia; however, our PRP Hair Loss Solution can help slow down the thinning process by stimulating hair growth and collagen production. Some men may be suffering from advanced hair loss and may need a more severe procedure such as a hair transplant. PRP can be used to aid in the growth and strength of the grafted hair following a hair transplant procedure.

Like father, like son! Hair loss genes can run in your family

What Are Hair Loss Solutions?

There are many cons of the COVID virus and one of them now happens to be hair loss. Four in five Canadian men have experienced hair loss in their lives and as common as it is, it is also one of the men’s biggest insecurities!

For men who are dealing with more minor cases of hair thinning and hair loss caused by stress, there are some solutions including the following.

  • Stress-reducing practices – Some easy activities to reduce the amount of stress in the body include a short meditation, yoga, or taking a walk outside in nature (weather permitting). Reducing the amount of stress in the body is beneficial for hair health.
  • Proper nutrition – Did you know that nutrition including vitamins can impact your hair health and mental health? A deficiency in certain vitamins such as B12 can cause both hair thinning and mood irregularities. Whether it be through diet or vitamin supplements it is important to take care of yourself inside and out
  • Hair loss treatments – Many assorted products and procedures are now available to help men combat hair loss including PRP (platelet-rich plasma), minoxidil, mesotherapy, and finasteride.
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