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OCT 13, 2023 | MEN'S HEALTH

Top Tips For Men's Health

Well it might seem taboo or like an uncomfortable conversation to have about men's health is an important topic to discuss and it affects millions of men around the world every year. Some topics under men's health include erectile dysfunction, hair thinning, muscle loss, fatigue, depression and weight gain, as well as a lower libido and premature ejaculation. These are not things to be ashamed of and you are not alone, there are treatments available to help deal with these issues and restore your confidence.

Introducing the Priapus-Shot Treatment

The P-Shot, officially known as the Priapus Shot, is a non-surgical and natural treatment for men to help improve and enhance sexual function . The treatment uses the same Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) that CADMEN Clinic uses for our hair loss and facial rejuvenation treatment. PRP is extracted from your own blood with no added chemicals or toxins and injected back into the penis to help treat common men’s health issues, including enchanced sex drive, pleasure and performance.

Some of the benefits of the P-Shot include that it improves sexual performance naturally and without any surgery or downtime. It is a fast and effective procedure that can be kept discreet and done comfortably on your own time. There is only minor discomfort associated with this procedure, it is almost painless and administered in only 3 simple steps by a registered professional at CADMEN Clinic.

The P-Shot is administered in only 3 simple steps

  • The doctor will begin by drawing a small amount of blood from the arm for example, much like a blood test, and putting it into the centrifuge machine to extract PRP for the injection.
  • While the PRP is being extracted, the doctor will numb the necessary areas of the penis pre-injection to greatly reduce any associated discomfort
  • Once PRP is extracted and ready to be drawn and injected the doctor will then inject the PRP into the necessary areas.
  • After the shot has been completed, you are free to go on with your daily activities with no downtime required. The P-Shot at CADMEN Clinic is private, comfortable, easy and fast for your convenience.

    Our Specialist: Dr. Omar Elahi

    Here at CADMEN Clinic we pride ourselves on providing the best experience and highest level of expertise in the field. Our urologist Dr. Elahi believes in providing the utmost care and compassion to his patients. After graduating from medical school in 2005, Dr. Elahi went on to complete his residency training at IU Methodist Hospital in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Upon completion of training, Dr. Elahi moved back to Toronto in 2015 to be closer to family and open up his own private practice. In addition to primary care medicine, Dr. Elahi has a strong passion for aesthetic medicine and sexual health. Dr. Elahi is also CADMEN Clinic’s co-medical director in charge of approving treatments administered at the clinic.

    To learn more about Men's health and the treatments offered at CADMEN Clinic you can visit our website here.

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