Belkyra® & Kybella® (Face & Body)

Take Charge of Your Chin: Belkyra/Kybella, Your Solution for eliminating a Double Chin.

Belkyra & Kybella (Belly Fat Melting)

Say goodbye to under-chin or body fat with Belkyra® or Kybella®, the premier non-surgical solution to treat that unwanted double chin and unwanted body fat. Be the first to discover this revolutionary, FDA and Health Canada approved treatment.

Reap the Benefits of Belkyra® & Kybella®

Belkyra/Kybella Targeted Fat Reduction

Targeted Fat Reduction:

Specifically eliminates submental (under the chin) fat for a more defined jawline.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-Surgical Treatment:

No scalpels, no surgery, no lengthy recovery times. An injectable solution for your convenience.

Belkyra/Kybella Fast and Effective

Fast and Effective:

Notice the difference after just a few treatments. Experience visible results that enhance your facial profile.

Clinically Proven Logo

Clinically Proven:

The first and only FDA and Health Canada approved treatment for addressing submental fat.

Safe and Reliable Logo

Safe and Reliable:

With a proven safety profile, rest assured that your wellness is our priority.

What our Clients are saying

Liam S., 36

"I never thought I could get rid of my double chin without surgery. Belkyra/Kybella changed the game for me. Thank you!"

Samantha P., 42

"I'm thrilled with my results from the Belkyra/Kybella treatment. It really works!"

FAQ about Belkyra® & Kybella®

Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Embrace a more defined facial profile with our Belkyra®/Kybella® treatment. Book your consultation today and start your journey towards the new you.

Belkyra & Kybella (Belly Fat Melting)